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July 1, 2019

Reasons I Love Summer

Photo by Nattu Adnan on Unsplash


“Summertime is always the best of what might be.” – Charles Bowden


Most of us have a favorite season. It may be because of certain holidays, or a loved one’s birthday (or your own), or because that’s when you normally take a vacation, but whatever your most-preferred season, you definitely have your reasons.

I love summer. My specific reasons for choosing summer over all other seasons are rooted in experience, fond memories, generally warm temperatures and favorite activities.

Best Family Vacations

Some of the best vacations we ever took as a family (me, as a child and also as an adult parent with kids) were during the summer. Until the time I was about 12, our family took a 2-3 week vacation towing a trailer across the U.S. We almost always went westward, sometimes taking the northern route, occasionally the middle route, rarely the southern route. Why my parents chose one route over another had to do with the National Parks we planned to stay in during our trip.

Northern route meant we were headed to Glacier National Park, maybe Yosemite if we had longer than 3 weeks for the total trip.

Middle route meant we’d head to Yellowstone, maybe the Grand Teton National Park, also the Grand Canyon.

Southern route I can’t recall much, other than we’d take that one home if our return trip meant we’d encounter snow using one of the other two preferred routes.

No School

I remember lazy summer days with no schoolwork to occupy my time, leaving me all day to explore, play with friends, read books, walk the cat (yes, I put him on a leash, although he really didn’t care for that), summertime barbecues, playing tag and hide-and-seek until dark, and much more.

Being able to stay up late on special nights – like the Fourth of July to watch the fireworks – as another fun summertime activity. Can’t do that when you’re in school, right?

Swimming, Warm Weather, No Need for Coats

One reason I detested winter as a child was that it was always cold where I lived. Even when the temperatures weren’t bitterly cold, it was a damp cold that made my bones ache. I hated layering in mufflers, sweaters, outer coats, boots, mittens, hat and whatever else my mother made me put on to ward off pneumonia or nasty cough. I usually wound up looking like a snowman, not a kid out to play.

Summertime, on the other hand, meant I could wear shorts and a t-shirt, sandals (with no socks), and go blithefully outside to play. Even if there was a summer downpour (frequent, especially in June-July), it wasn’t cold. I liked running back to the house (Mom would call us from the front yard and tell us kids to get home) in between raindrops.

Ah, memories. Fun times in the summer.

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